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SHINee World III in Mexico City!!!!

OMG, it was an amazing concert ! It was an incredible experience , go with several friends to see our husbands is something I won’t forget. Still I can’t believe I saw them!!

First we arrived early at the venue so we took some time to buy souvenirs (stickers, jackets and shirts) . Then we went in and we really couldn’t believe we were going to be so close to them!! (this time I was closer unlike where I was at the Super Show 5)

And after a while it started!! They started with Spoiler , Evil and Nightmare!!! ( OMG I almost died because of the Evil choreography ) They sang their best songs like Replay, Juliette , Lucifer, Ring Ding Dong, Sherlock, etc. Also a special song La Macarena!!!

I really loved the concert seriously I spend all the time screaming, especially when Onew was coming to our side!!!I loved witnessing the Onew Condition!! 
Being able to sing along with them and sing the fanchants , singing Happy Birthday to Jonghyun , promise to meet again with Minho, wanting to eat tacos like Key (without cilantro) and see the amazing dancing machine Taemin!!

SHINee Fighting!!  

My pictures of the concert:

My fancams: