Despertando con música 🎶

Les ha pasado que al despertar tienen alguna canción en su cabeza y la empiezan a cantar en automático mientras se preparan su día. Pues esto es algo que me pasa muy seguido y siempre había tenido ganas de compartir de alguna forma estas canciones con las que inicio el día,  Continue reading


BIGBANG en México


El pasado Miércoles 7 de Octubre todas las VIP mexicanas pudimos disfrutar de un excelente concierto, el MADE World Tour de BIGBANG en la Arena Ciudad de México.

Salimos (fui con mi hermana y unas amigas) a las 2:30 rumbo a la Arena, llegamos alrededor de las 6pm y decidimos ver los puestos de playeras, chamarras, sudaderas, tazas y muchas cosas más con el logo de BIGBANG o los nombres de los integrantes (lo que resulta chistoso es que algunos nombres no estaban bien escritos).

El concierto iniciaba a las 8pm y dijeron que se iba a poder entrar desde 2 horas antes a la Arena, pues esto no fue así. Continue reading

Black Day

As some of you may know Yesterday (April 14) was the #BLackDay they celebrate this day  in Korea and other parts of Asia. On this day, people who didn’t receive gifts on the previous two days (February 14 and March 14) gather and eat jjajangmyeon. This day is specifically for single people.

So yesterday was the 1st time I did something, and all because of Eat You Kimchi!!

My sister and I bought jjajangmyeon and eat it during the hangout with EYK (Link to the recorded Hangout) we also watched Let’s Eat episode 1 on Viki!!! It was awesome to spend this day with all other nasties around the world!!! 😀
Photo 14-04-14 09 30 50 p.m.

SHINee World III in Mexico City!!!!

OMG, it was an amazing concert ! It was an incredible experience , go with several friends to see our husbands is something I won’t forget. Still I can’t believe I saw them!!

First we arrived early at the venue so we took some time to buy souvenirs (stickers, jackets and shirts) . Then we went in and we really couldn’t believe we were going to be so close to them!! (this time I was closer unlike where I was at the Super Show 5)

And after a while it started!! They started with Spoiler , Evil and Nightmare!!! ( OMG I almost died because of the Evil choreography ) They sang their best songs like Replay, Juliette , Lucifer, Ring Ding Dong, Sherlock, etc. Also a special song La Macarena!!!

I really loved the concert seriously I spend all the time screaming, especially when Onew was coming to our side!!!I loved witnessing the Onew Condition!! 
Being able to sing along with them and sing the fanchants , singing Happy Birthday to Jonghyun , promise to meet again with Minho, wanting to eat tacos like Key (without cilantro) and see the amazing dancing machine Taemin!!

SHINee Fighting!!  

My pictures of the concert:

My fancams: