120701 6JIB Eng Translation – From U Lyrics [Romanization, English]

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120701 6JIB Eng Translation – Someday, Bittersweet, Daydream, A ‘Good’ Bye & Gulliver Lyrics

120701 6JIB Eng Translation – Sexy, Free and Single Lyrics [Romanization, English]

너로부터 (From U)

We, met for the first time years ago and then fell in love at first sight
Baby, wherever i go, you stand by my side like a shadow
Now and then, there are so many many things to prove our love
Even when I’m hurt, even when I fall, she’s the only one remaining by my side

*Baby baby baby baby baby, let’s never break up
Oh my lady lady lady lady lady, I really love you
Shawty shawty shawty shawty shawty, the one who i choose is only you

Even to my tears, even to my little smiles.. Do you know?
That it all came from you

Don’t say such things like…

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