[SUP3RJUNIOR.COM] POLL Please help choose the design of sup3rjunior’s banner!

Random post ~~! Since SS4 Paris and SS4 Indonesia are around the corner, we (SUP3RTEAM) have decided it’d be awesome if we could participate and show SJ our support ~! So we’ve decided to CREATE A BANNER ;DDD  to express what they mean to us, and to show that we sup3rjunior EXIST.. ! ;D so please help in choosing the official design, from the following options below!  (DECIDE based on what would SJ like the most)

The hangul pretty much says “KINGS OF THE WORLD” or emperors of the world? Super Thanks to Jo (allrisexiahtic)  for the trans…!! ❤ Lol I came up with the “KINGS OF THE WORLD!” well because their obsession with the movie Titanic, they are pretty much like Kings in our eyes.. and of the world because the are ruling the world, leading the hallyu wave and all! ;D Also SUPERRRRR THANKS to Afifah ㅎㅅㅎ (avfhamatulloh)  for…

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