Dear SJ


  1.  DearSJ,like a pearl’s sparkling in the deep ocean, the sapphire pearl blue sea will be the most shining sparkling for SJ
  2. For ELFs 슈퍼주니어 is beyond cool..beyond sexy..beyond handsome..beyond funny..beyond every good things
  3. For ELFs 슈퍼주니어 is just to good to be true
  4. (DearSJ by seeing u all in laptop screen or TV makes ELF hysterical, what if seeing u all LIVE? WOW!)
  5. (DearSJ, seeing u, i only laugh in happiness, or cry bcoz of overjoyed)
  6. (DearSJ even u all don’t know ELFs one by one, but we, ELFs, know u well one by one, n it is enough ^ ^)
  7. ( DearSJ,it is an honor to be an ELF, believe in SJ oppadeul and SJ oppadeul believe in ELF)
  8. (DearSJ, it so funny, no matter whenever I see ‘Super’ word in my heart I always add ‘Junior’, so Super Junior)
  9. (what pop up 1st in your mind when…

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